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The first time I saw a POV (Persistence Of Vision) display was on a show called FAQ on TV. The POV display consisted of an oscillating shaft with 6 LED’s mounted on the end of the shaft. Since then I have always wanted to make one myself, I tried making one about 2 months ago with an oscillating shaft myself but I was not successful as the speed of the shaft was too low for the POV display to work. Now I decided to make the POV display with just a DC Motor instead of an oscillating shaft as they are much cheaper and easily available compared to the shafts. ATtiny85 POV Display In this instructable I will show you how to make the POV Display yourself! This is a very simple project both on hardware and software (coding) areas. It costed me only about 5$ to make it from start to finish! So lets get started! Here is a video of it in action! Note: The brightening and dimming of the LEDs in the video is due to my crappy camera, in reality its consistent and quite bright.

Step 1: Persistence Of Vision and how it works

POV stands for Persistence Of VIsion. Persistence Of Vision is the phenomenon of the eye by which an image seen by our eye persists for about 0.04s during which any other images that we see are merged together with this image. This phenomenon is used in the POV Display as we turn the LEDs on and off in such a way that the different images overlap each other forming letters.

For example: The formation of the letter E with 5 LEDs; 1 2 3 <- Time 1 1 1 <- Bulb 1 1 0 0 <- Bulb 2 1 1 1 <- Bulb 3 1 0 0 <- Bulb 4 1 1 1 <- Bulb 5 Each column represents the 5 LEDs we used to make the display. Each element in the row represents the state of the LED at that given time.


For more detail: ATtiny85 POV Display

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