Analog Devices’ RF Power Detection Technology Raises Performance Threshold for Cell Phones and Wireless Base Stations : ADI’s ADL5502 crest-factor RF power detection IC enables cell phone designers to extend battery life and better process complex 3G and 4G signals, while the ADL5513 logarithmic amplifier delivers a wider range of power level detection and control for Tx/Rx designs.

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NORWOOD, Mass. (PRWEB) June 16, 2008

Crest-Factor RF Detector Extends Cell Phone Battery Life by 20 Percent

The ADL5502 is the industry’s first dual-function RF detector in a single package that combines an RMS detector with an envelope detector to facilitate the crest-factor measurement of complex signals. Accurate power measurement and crest-factor calculation allows the performance of the cell-phone power amplifier to be optimized and reduces signal distortion in mobile phone designs. The new RF detector features a

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