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Applied Micro Circuit Corporation Selects Mirabilis Design’s VisualSim for Architecture Exploration of their Advanced SoCs and Subsystems

Sunnyvale, CA. (PRWEB) October 30, 2006

Mirabilis Design Inc. of Sunnyvale, CA announced today that Applied Micro Circuit Corporation (“AMCC”) has adopted VisualSim for early architecture exploration of Processor-based SoC’s for networking, storage and security. AMCC selected VisualSim for the comprehensive modeling libraries which range from base queuing, scheduling and algorithmic building blocks to high function components such as, DDR2, processor cores and DMA. AMCC has been able to use VisualSim to rapidly capture the system description and conduct performance analysis of the SOC and subsystems at the queue, scheduler and algorithm level of abstraction.

“Using VisualSim at AMCC, we have been able to accelerate our architectural design and validation process.” said Chris Bergen, Network Chief Technology Officer at AMCC. “The functionality within the VisualSim library enabled the rapid development of a high-level SOC model allowing architectural validation through a host of dynamic traffic and process work loads. This provided feedback on key performance metrics including latency and utilization of shared resources, work queue build up and Quality of Service (QOS) efficiency throughout the SOC. The analysis validated the architecture choices, profiled the system performance and provided key metrics to the design leads at an early stage of the SOC development process.”

AMCC will use VisualSim standard modeling libraries to create custom and standard SoC components. Proven VisualSim graphical libraries jumpstart model development and facilitate team communication and understanding. VisualSim modeling library greatly reduces the model creation time, as all the required classes and associated statistics are provided and no code development is required of the user. The built-in statistics generators provide greater visibility of the system operation and can generate statistics for the lowest level nodes without requiring external data collection, management and processing. This allows engineers to focus on the model specific details, i.e. explaining the functionality, performance metrics of the model and analyzing results.

About Mirabilis Design

Founded in 2003, and headquartered in Sunnyvale, CA, USA, Mirabilis Design is a leading provider of System-Level Architecture Exploration software for designing electronics and real-time software. Using VisualSim, designers can architect the “right” product, i.e. one which minimizes product failures and has not been over- or under- designed. Mirabilis Design accelerates Concept Engineering by drastically reducing typical model development from months to days and overall project time by 25-30%. Our customers are focused in computing, semiconductors, networking and aerospace. The end-users are Project Managers, System Architects, Systems Engineers, Hardware Engineers and Software Engineers. Benefits from the solution are a visual executable specification; easier creation of optimized and differentiated products and; corporate infrastructure enabling extremely fast design trade-offs for price, performance and power.

Mirabilis Design, VisualSim and Mirabilis Design logo are trademarks of Mirabilis Design Inc.


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