ATmega USB Programmer

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USB programmer for Atmel AVR microcontrollers including ATmega series

This is USBasp in circuit Programmer for programming Atmel AVR Series using USB interface. It is a complete DIY guide to build this programmer project. Core IC used in development of this programmer is ATmega8 or you can also use ATmega48.

No special components are required to build this programmer.

Major Features

- USB programmer Works under multiple platforms. Linux, Mac OS X and Home windows are examined.
- USB programmer  requires No special remotes or smd components are essential.
- USB programmer’s Programming speed can be 5kB per sec.
- SCK choice to support targets with low clock speed (< 1,5MHz).
- Planned: serial interface to target (e.g. for debugging)

AVR ATmega Programmer(USB) Schematic:

USBasp AVR ATmega Programmer schematics ATmega USB Programmer

ATmega Programmer (USB) PCB:

ATmega Programmer (USB) PCB Component Side  Layout:

ATmega Programmer USB PCB Component Side Layout ATmega USB Programmer

ATmega Programmer (USB) PCB Top Side:

Click to download ATmega Programmer (USB) PCB Top Side in PDF format

ATmega Programmer (USB) Schematic for PCB Assembly:

Click to download ATmega Programmer (USB) Schematic for PCB Assembly  PDF format

Final Product Using above PCB will be Look Like:

AVR atmega programmer ATmega USB Programmer

AVR ATmega Programmer(USB) Firmware Hex Files:

ATmega Programmer (USB) Windows Drivers:

ATmega Programmer (USB) Software GUI:

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