AVR Comparison

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Comparison chart between famous AVR microcontrollers of atmega family including atmega32 with their specifications. Specifications for each atmega avr microcontroller is taken from their respective data sheets issued by Atmel Company. Under given table is sortable by each of its respective column name. Any suggestion/feedback especially regarding adding more feature for comparison purposes is highly admirable by the admins please use Contact Us page.

atmega comparison AVR Comparison

AVR Comparison

Name SRAMROMEEPROM IO Pins Speed ADC-BitsPWMMin Supply
SPITWI (I2C)UARTADC channelsExt Interrupts
AVR ATmega81 KB8KB512 B2316MHz10-bit32.7V311182
AVR ATmega328
2 KB32KB1024 B2320MHz10-bit61.8 V3211824
AVR ATmega322 KB32KB1024 B32 16MHz10-bit44.5V311183
AVR ATmega161 KB16KB512 B3216MHz10-bit42.7V311183
AVR ATmega128
4 KB128KB4096 B5316MHz10-bit82.7V411288
AVR ATmega1681 KB16KB512 B2320MHz10-bit61.8V3211824
AVR ATmega328p2 KB32KB1024 B2320MHz10-bit61.8V3211824
AVR ATmega2560
8 KB256KB4096 B8616MHz10-bit161.8V65141632
AVR ATmega6444 KB64KB2048 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3311832
AVR ATmega32u43.3 KB32KB1024 B2616MHz10-bit122.7V42111213
AVR ATmega644 KB64KB2048 B5316MHz10-bit82.7V411288
AVR ATmega12804 KB128KB4096 B86
AVR ATmega8u20.5 KB8KB512 B2216MHz0-bit52.7V2201020
AVR ATmega1621 KB16KB512 B3516MHz0-bit61.8V410203
AVR ATmega644p4 KB64KB2048 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega1284p16 KB128KB4096 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega16a1 KB16KB512 B3216MHz10-bit42.7V311183
AVR ATmega32a2 KB32KB1024 B3216MHz10-bit42.7V311183
AVR ATmega128416 KB128KB4096 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega85350.5 KB8KB512 B3216MHz10-bit42.7V311183
AVR ATmega32u21 KB32KB1024 B2216MHz0-bit52.7V2201020
AVR ATmega12818 KB128KB4096 B5416MHz10-bit161.8V6312817
AVR ATmega128a4 KB128KB4096 B5316MHz10-bit82.7V411288
AVR ATmega324p2 KB32KB1024 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega164p1 KB16KB512 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega25618 KB256KB4096 b
AVR ATmega16u20.5 KB16KB512 B2216MHz0-bit52.7V2201021
AVR ATmega168pa1 KB16KB512 B2320MHz10-bit61.8V3211824
AVR ATmega85150.5 KB8KB512 B3516MHz0-bit32.7V210103
AVR ATmega644pa4 KB64KB2048 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega324pa2 KB32KB1024 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega324a2 KB32KB1024 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega164pa2 KB32KB1024 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega164a1 KB16KB512 B3220MHz10-bit61.8V3312832
AVR ATmega881 KB8KB512 B2320MHz10-bit61.8V3211824
AVR ATmega480.5 KB4KB256 B2320MHz10-bit61.8V3211824
AVR Comparison Table shows the specification for each avr in atmega family

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