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Become a King Kong Game Developer with ‘The Black Art of Video Game Console Design’

Silicon Valley, CA (PRWEB) December 14, 2005

Written by Andre’ LaMothe, the world’s best selling game programming author, “The Black Art of Video Game Console Design” breaks new ground in game development by bridging the alien worlds of hardware and software together for the first time. Its been a decade nearly to the day when LaMothe set out to teach game programming to the world and released his opus 3D game programming book, “The Black Art of 3D Game Programming”, now 10 years later LaMothe strikes yet another decisive blow to uncover the hardware of how game consoles are made.

“The Black Art of Video Game Console Design” is written for the programmer and/or hobbyist interested in software game development, but also wants to understand the hardware games are implemented on such as the XBOX 360 and Playstation III. This book assumes no prior knowledge of Electrical Engineering or Computer Architecture, but takes you on a breathtaking journey from atomic semiconductor theory to the design and construction of basic video game consoles that you can build and write your own games for! Included in the book is the entire design of numerous embedded game systems including the XGameStation Micro and Pico Editions and much more.

“The Black Art of Video Game Console Design” with its nearly 1000 pages covers everything you need to know to design your own game console including: Basic atomic physics and semiconductor theory primer. Introduction to circuit analysis; current, voltage, and resistance. Analog design using discrete components. Digital electronics and Boolean algebra. Physical hardware construction and prototyping techniques. Combinational logic and advanced integrated circuit building blocks. Finite state machine design. Computer architecture and design. Understanding and using microprocessors and microcontrollers. Developing software for embedded systems. Designing video (NTSC/VGA), audio, and input device systems. Interfacing and communications. And finally, the complete design and discussion of the XGS Micro Edition as well as XGS Pico Edition.

As if that wasn’t enough a complete copy of LaMothe’s 1995 groundbreaking work “The Black Art of 3D Game Programming is included on the CD in electronic form with complete source!

In LaMothe’s own words, “Game development has become almost a pure software endevour, the days of a game developer/designer creating an entire game including the concept, hardware, and software are long gone. The art and skill of this is also being lost, especially the electrical engineering aspects. I hope to rekindle the knowledge of game hardware design as well as give software game developers something new and exciting to explore. Additionally, retro games and hardware are a lot of fun to play and develop and this book is a pathway to this technology and more”

“The Black Art of Video Game Console Design” is on sale at fine books stores around the world including Borders, Barnes and Noble, and

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