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BEST Makes Rework of Leadless Devices Faster and Simpler with New Patent-Pending Device

Rolling Meadows, IL (PRWEB) March 9, 2010

BEST Inc., has developed a new, simple method for reworking and hand-placing leadless devices such as QFNs, MLFs and LGAs. The new, patent-pending BEST StencilMate polyimide stencil helps simplifies the rework process by controllably bumping leadless devices. In addition, build to order stencil pairs prevent the bridging of neighboring solder joints while allowing technicians to fit QFNs into stay-in-place stencils onto the PCB thus eliminating the need for high-end rework equipment with placement equipment and highly experienced repair technicians.

The process of placing or reworking leadless devices has been greatly simplified. After removal of the leadless device from the circuit board preparing the site, one of the StencilMate stencils is peeled from its release liner. It is then aligned on the part. Solder paste is then squeegeed into the apertures of the stencil and then reflowed. After reflow and removal of the stencil the device has very uniform bumps which then allow the leadless device to be placed similar to a BGA. Other unique processes have a mating stencil on the PCB and the part is then fitted into the loaded apertures and then reflowed.

Repair depots and rework operations of electronic assemblers are raving about the time that they save and the quality of the rework using StencilMate on hard to get at and rework MLFs, QFNs and LGAs. In addition, hardware developers like the fact that to can easily place the more complex leadless devices on their development board on their own. said Katy Radcliff of BEST Inc.

StencilMate is available in 4 and 8 mil (0.10 to 0.20mm) thickness. The stay-in-place feature means no compromising in solder paste volume. Each StencilMate pair is custom engineered to the application at hand. Deliveries are (5) business days with 24-48 hr expedites available. There are no NRE charges for custom stencils.

About Business Electronics Soldering Technologies (BEST) BEST specializes in offering products that streamline hand soldering, rework and repair, which also includes lead-free soldering products. Many of the product innovations stem from its contract PCB rework and repair business. BEST is an IPC Certified Center offering Instructor and Operator soldering courses for IPC-A-610, JSTD-001, IPC 7711/7721 as well as customized classes to meet specific standards or criteria. For more information, visit


Bob Wetterman (847) 797-9250 BEST Inc


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