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Single Chip Computer: Easy to Produce AVR BASIC Co

This instructable will document and explain my latest project, a standalone computer system based upon a single chip (IC); the ATmega 1284P. The 1284P is responsible for all aspects of the system, including running the BASIC interpreter, generation RCA video signals and reading keyboard input. This computer system runs TinyBASIC just like my Arduino BASIC Shield but this project is completely standalone mea ...

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How to establish UART communication between ATmega8 and Arduino Uno?

Here we are going to establish a communication between an ATmega8 microcontroller and Arduino Uno. The communication established here is UART (Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter) type. It’s serial communication. By this serial communication data can be shared between two controllers, which is a required in various embedded system applications. [caption id="attachment_34822" align="aligncenter" widt ...

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EGYDuino – Arduino compatible board

EGYDuino is a DIY Arduino clone made on a single sided PCB board. It’s simple and cheap to build using home PCB fabrication methods and it’s 100% compatible with Arduino. Description ATmega8 takes care of the USB to serial communication and should be burned with AVR-CDC232 firmware. AVR-CDC creates a virtual COM port on the PC after connecting the device and installing the appropriate driver. The ATmega 8,1 ...

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Mechanized Android Figure using Microcontroller ATtiny44A

These Android figures are cute, but they don't actually do anything. Let's change that. Have a look at the video: These are the steps to make an Android that reacts to sound, moves it's head, sends out Morse Code messages and displays some cool light patterns. In the video the LEDs in the body are not that visible, but this is what it looks like: Parts and Schematics These are the required parts: 1 x Androi ...

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