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Bluetooth Based Smart Home using atmega8 microcontroller

This project is used to automate the home appliances through Bluetooth enabled PC. You can use the USB Bluetooth at the PC side and an Serail Bluetooth converter is used at the microcontroller side. The sparkfun bluetooth module is used here, but you can use any serial bluetooth module which supports SPP profile. Atmega8 microcontroller is used in this project The PC application software was written using v ...

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Starry Ceiling for Kids Bedroom Using AT90S8538 microcontroller

When my little girl was born I wanted to make her a special night light for in her room. I made her a ceiling light with twinkling stars. It is made up of a piece of custom wood with 100 LEDs mounted in it. An AVR AT90S8538 micro controller runs a bascom program that produces a random pattern on these 100 LEDs. The LEDs are connected in a 8x13 matrix and the processor scans this matrix so that only 1 light ...

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Digital dimmer using Microcontroller atmega8

This project is used to control the brightness of the lamp or can be used to control the speed of the fan. The system consists of 3 block they are Zero crossing detector Microcontroller (Atmega8) Load Driver (BT136)As the name implies the zero crossing detector generates pulses for every zero crossing of the input AC signal. This pulses are fed to the microcontroller interrupt pin through the opto coupler. ...

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