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SD/SDHC Card Interfacing with ATmega8 /32 (FAT32 implementation)

Here is my project on interfacing of SD Card (microSD). microSD cards are available very cheap nowadays, a great option for having a huge memory in any embedded system project. It is compatible with SPI bus, so the interfacing is easy. SD card adapters are also easily available in market, one can easily make a bread-board adapter by soldering few pins on it. Following figures show the SD card pin-out & ...

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LPH7319 controlled via I2C

I recently obtained a very old mobile phone from a friend. The battery was dead, so I dismantled it and to my surprise found a display with soldered contacts. In other mobile phones the display was connected via a conducting polymerpad, which was extremly difficult to use on selfmade circuitboards. Googling the name of the display brought up a site with pinout and a link to the datasheet of the driverchip. ...

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Thermometer using DS1621 and Nokia 3310 LCD interfaced with ATmega8

I am presenting one application with the Nokia 3310 LCD: Designing a thermometer using DS1621 temperature sensor IC. DS1621 is 8-pin sensor from Maxim, with temp range of -55 to +125 degree C, which can be interfaced with microcontroller over two-wire serial i2c bus. It has operating voltage range from 2.7 to 5.5v. I'm operating it here at 3.3v, same as the one driving the LCD and ATmega8. DS1621 doesn't re ...

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EPROM Display using ULN2308A microcontroller

Due to university and work it has been a while since the last post. But I just completed a little project that’s worth posting. Several old 27C256 EPROMS were lying around unused. So I thought about a purpose for them. As I also had some 8×8 LED matrices, a little animated display came to mind. With each frame consisting of 8×8 pixels the 32kByte EPROM can hold 4096 frames. Each byte holds one line of the d ...

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4×4 Matrix Key-board Interfacing with ATmega32

Here is a project for beginners to interface a 16-key (4x4) keypad with ATmega32 using 8-pins i.e. one port of the microcontroller. This is useful particularly where we need more keys but don't want to spend more uC pins for interfacing. The 4x4 keypad is a standard one available in the market. I've used here one from my earlier project. The LED shown in the schematic is just extra, which can be used anyway ...

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NOKIA 3310 LCD interfacing with ATmega8

Using graphic LCD in a project gives it really a good look and flexibility of displaying different characters and shapes. But, the graphic LCDs are quite costly. The NOKIA 3310 LCD provides a really low-cost solution to add a small graphic display into your project and also good for learning purpose. The LCD is SPI bus compatible, saving many pins for other uses. It operates at 3.3v.Here is a small circuit ...

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