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Running LED bicolor

This is a good project for beginners. It is easy to build.This running LED light uses seven bicolor led’s red and yellow, they light up in a pattern that can be made within the program [..]

RGB LED color mixer

Page 1 of 4 An RGB LED is a LED which has three LED’s integrated in one packaging. These LED’s have the colors Red, Green, and Blue. The RGB LED used here is a hyperflux LED [..]

Stepper motor driver

With this circuit you can drive a unipolar stepper motor. It operates in full step mode. The AVR attiny2313 micro controller controls the pulses for the stepper motor. The pulses are amplified by the ULN2003 [..]

LED VU meter

Schematic and build Below is the schematic of the LED VU meter. The circuit is builds with the ATMega328 board an two LED boards connected to it. You can also build it on a breadboard. [..]

Running LED's using ATTiny2313

This running LED or LED chaser is a good project for beginners in the microcontroller technology. It is easy to build, and the assembler program code can be easily adapted. This running LED light has 15 [..]

Running LED's

This small project let you make running leds. For this project you need a attiny2313 microcontroller and 8 leds and 8 resistors. The leds can be programmed so that they show differrent patterns. Hardware The [..]

Dot matrix display

This is a Dot Matrix Scrolling Sign. A Dot Matrix Display has an 5×7 led matrix with 5 columns and 7 rows. The display is controlled by the ATMega328 microcontroller board. The rows are controlled [..]