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Rechargeable Battery Capacity Tester using Microcontroller ATMega168

Do you have a pile of AA rechargeable batteries in your drawer? Some are old, some are new, but which sets would you bring with your camera on your next trip, and which ones are past their useful life? I like using rechargeable batteries, but I’m certain that some of them are not living up to the stated capacity on the label. So how good are those batteries? Simple battery testers measure the voltage, but t ...

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8 MHz frequency meter using AVR microcontroller

This project can measure the clock pulses fed to the Timer input of the AVR microcontroller. The Bascom code counts the clock pulses for 1 second and display it over the LCD display. The frequency is displayed in Hertz and this project can measure a frequency of max 8mhz. Circuit Diagram For more Detail: 8 MHz frequency meter using AVR microcontroller ...

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Measure negative temperature with Lm35

LM35 can measure temperatures from -55deg to 150deg and we need negative supply voltage for measuring this negative temperature. This circuit eliminates the negative voltage power supply and this project can measure the negative temperature Download the protesu file to simulate the project on your desktop Bascom Code $regfile = "m16def.dat" $crystal = 1000000 Config Lcd = 16 * 2 Config Lcdpin = Pin , Db4 = ...

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Digital Voltmeter using Microcontroller Atmega8

This project gives you a digital voltmeter which can measure voltage from 0v to 25V DC. The values are displayed over the 7segment display. Atmega8 is used and the internal ADC is used to measure the DC voltage. The resistor network is used to reduce the input voltage to the 0-5v.   Photo For more Detail: Digital Voltmeter using microcontroller Atmega8 ...

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Capacitance and Inductance meter using Atmega8

This project can measure capacitance and inductance using the Atmega8 microcontroller and the code is written in Bascom AVR. The limitations of this project is Inductance Range: 0.1?H to 2H Capacitance Range: 1pF to 2.5?F Electrolytic Capacitor Measurement Range: 0.1?F to 30000?F Circuit Diagram: For more details: Capacitance and Inductance meter using Atmega8 ...

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