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USB PCB Business Card Using ATtiny85 Microcontroller

This is a business card that will type out some text when you plug it into a USB port. It uses a ATtiny85 microcontroller with V-USB based code to emulate a keyboard. The typing is triggered by the CAPS LOCK status LEDs being toggled 3 times. This instructable will focus on using CadSoft EAGLE to create your own USB PCB business card. I want you to be creative in the design, so some minor steps I've taken m ...

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Using max7219 microcontroller Build an electronic score keeper/storage box

The instruction manual for each of the MANY munchkin series of card games always includes a phrase like "you will need a 10 sided die for each player or some other device to keep score." 10 sided dice are not hard to find in my house, but I took this as a challenge to make my own device to keep score.  I created this electronic score keeper that also doubles as a box for transporting a subset of my family's ...

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Using AtTiny2313 microcontroller Build an electronic polyhedral die

Dice are fun. Polyhedral dice used in D & D are even more fun, particularly in big handfuls of different sizes. But a handful isn't always practical. Ever since I saw the dragon bone electronic die wand advertised in the back pages of Dragon magazine when I was a kid, I wanted an electronic device to act as a substitute for all my dice. This device won't substitute for the tactile feel of rolling a hand ...

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Using the 8Pin ATTINY programming shield with an external clock

Instructables author extraordinaire Randofo created a great programming shield to use your Arduino to program 8 pin ATTINY processors. He was even generous enough to give 50 copies of it out to people who authored instructables using AVR processors. It works great on brand new ATTINYs and any chip that is programmed to use it's Internal clock. There's one small problem. If you are using an external clock so ...

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Ultrasonic range finder using ATMega8515

This project is used to measure the distance using ultrasonic sensors. The ultrasonic signal passes through the atmosphere to a barrier, which we want to measure the distance. Part of this signal is reflected and travels back to the receiver. The time delay between sending and receiving signals are then determined by distance barriers. The device was designed as a parking assistant for the car. It will help ...

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UV Exposure Unit & Etching

Manufacturing circuitboards containing SMD-parts with toner-transfer is nearly impossible. The thin traces almost never get transferred completely to the copper. One solution to this problem is to use photoresist boards and expose them with UV light. The layout is printed onto a transparency, which is then used as a mask for the photoresist. I got the best results with inkjet-printed layouts. They seem to b ...

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