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AVR displays body temperature on a Nokia 3310 LCD using Atmega8 microcontroller

This project describes how to measure temperature with Atmega8 and a thermistor and display it on a Nokia 3310 LCD. A thermistor is a device that changes its resistance with temperature. With a proper resistor divider network, the temperature can be measured by measuring the voltage across the thermistor. The voltage across the thermistor is measured by the on-chip ADC of Atmega8. The necessary coefficients ...

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Interface a rotary phone dial to an Arduino

An old rotary phone can be used for a number of purposes in your Arduino projects - use it as a novel input device, or use the Arduino to interface a rotary phone to your computer. This is a very basic guide describing how to interface the dial to an Arduino, and get the number dialed passed into a computer over the Arduino's serial link. Step 1 Remove the dial from the phone First step is to remove the dia ...

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Wi-Fi Enabled Coil Gun with iPhone App

We’ve covered loads of airsoft, nerf, and gun projects, and here’s another superb pr0ject to add to our collection.  It’s a coil gun placed on a turret which is triggered via Wi-Fi.   Additionally, it uses remote targeting and shooting through an iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. Don’t Miss: Our collection of airsoft and gun projects It was built by a few engineering students for their final project.  A video cam ...

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Connecting Nokia 3310 LCD to USB using AVR

What do you do with an old phone, a microcontroller and lots of time? You hook the old phone's LCD screen to the computer USB of course! In this project we're going to communicate with a Nokia 3310 LCD display over USB! How are we going to do that? We're going to connect the LCD display to an Atmel ATmega8 micocontroller and talk to it using the SPI, then connect the ATmega to a PC using V-USB. The Nokia 33 ...

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Cellphone Operated Robot Using Microcontrollers

Component Required: IC1 - MT8870 DTMF decoder IC2 - ATmega16 AVR microcontroller IC3 - L293D motor driver IC4 - 74LS04 NOT gate D1 - 1N4007 rectifier diode R1, R2 - 100-kilo-ohm R3 - 330-kilo-ohm R4-R8 - 10-kilo-ohm C1 - 0.47μF ceramic disk C2, C3, C5, C6 - 22pF ceramic disk C4 - 0.1μF ceramic disk XTAL1 - 3.57MHz crystal XTAL2 - 12MHz crystal S1 - Push-to-on switch M1, M2 - 6V, 50-rpm geared DC motor Batt. ...

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