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Temperature controlled fan using PWM microcontroller

This project gives you a simple temperature controlled fan. If the difference between real temperature and the user temperature is high then the fan will run at full speed and if the difference is low then the fan will rotate at slow speed. The speed of the fan varies with the temperature. The user can enter the temperature limit through the keypad. The speed of the fan is adjusted by using the PWM. Circuit ...

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Simple PWM DC motor control using MOSFET H-Bridge with AVR ATmega8

Here is a very simple project of controlling a small DC-motor (taken from an old personal cassette player) with ATmega8. The ATmega8 is having three PWM channels, out of which two are used here. PWM waveforms are fed to MOSFET (RFD3055) H-bridge. Here, direction is controlled using a two-position toggle switch and speed of the motor is controlled by two push-buttons, one for increasing the speed and other f ...

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An attempt to show grayscale images on an LED dot matrix display with software PWM using PIC16F877A

Introduction: This is just a time pass hobby project, I am trying to display some pictures (JPEG/PNG/BMP etc) on my 8x8 led dotmatrix display.  You can see photos of my 8x8 led dotmatrix display showing some grayscale pictures. The main thing which you may notice is that the brightness of each led depends on the picture information respective to the scaled(8x8) pixel of the original picture.The original pic ...

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