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How to connect Arduino and RFID

On this instructable I will try to show how to interface a RFID sensor with the Arduino. I am using the RFID sensor from seeedstudio the serial version of it. There are a few parts you will gonna need. I also bought some RFID keys. UPDATE: Now it works with IDE 021 Step 1 What you gonna need? - Arduino Board - RFID Sensor from seeedstudios - Wires - Protoboard - RFID tags (125kHz) from seeedstudios Step 2 P ...

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AVR/Arduino RFID Reader with UART Code in C

RFID is the craze, found everywhere - from inventory systems to badge ID systems. If you've ever been to a department store and walked through those metal-detector-looking things at the entrace/exit points, then you've seen RFID. There are several places to find good information on setting up RFID, and this instructable focuses on installing the Parallax RFID reader (Serial TTL) on an AVR, with emphasis on ...

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USB RFID Reading Keyboard using USnooBie

video USB RFID Reading Keyboard Demo   This is a step by step tutorial on how to build a RFID tag reading USB keyboard using the USnooBie. This tutorial is provided with the project files. The code files are heavily commented with references to relevant documentation. Watch the two part videos below to see how to build and code this project. Please watch in full screen at 1280x720p resolution! Go to th ...

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