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Debugging AVR code in Linux with simavr using Microcontroller ATTiny85

I recently started programming AVR chips, namely the ATTiny85.  They can be programmed using C, compilers are readily available in Ubuntu, and you can do a LOT with them - just search for avr on this site!  Anyway, I was having some trouble with my project today - the LED wouldn't flash!  I couldn't figure out what was going on, as debugging these things is non-trivial.  That is, until I discovered simavr. ...

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Multitasking in AVR (A demo to run 7 tasks on an atmega32)

Introduction:      Switching multiple tasks on a same CPU is the one of the major function of an operating system. What I did now is a time sharing multitasking (time multiplexing) on an AVR. Here an atmega32 is configured to use Round-Robin Multitasking. Round-Robin allows quasi-parallel execution of several tasks. Tasks are not really executed concurrently but are time-sliced (the available CPU time is di ...

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