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How To Smell Pollutants

This Instructable explains how to use a gas sensor with your Arduino. This lets your Arduino smell (and hence you program responses to) overall gas levels for a variety of nasties, including ethanol, methane, formaldehyde, and a bunch of other volatile organic compounds. My cost to make this actual device was under $100, including the full Arduino kit. Here's a video: Demo And no, I won't put a shirt on:-) ...

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Gmail and RSS Notifiers using the Arduino

I’ve been really interested in doing J4mie’s Physical Gmail Notifier ever since it came out in February. I only recently dropped into the project and got to learn a lot about python, plists, and arduino auto-reset functionality. I’m going to share what I’ve learned because I think there are lots of other people out there struggling to make it work. This page doesn’t really offer much that J4mie didn’t alrea ...

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Magnetic Levitation using the Arduino

It’s been only a couple weeks since I discovered Arduino, an open source microcontroller platform. I was looking for a cheap interface between my laptop and electronic circuits. Arduino with its price $35 and easy to use development environment was the best choice. So after getting my Arduino Duemilanove board and ordering some cheap components from AllElectronics, I had everything to start working on my ol ...

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