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ISD4004 based voice recorder

So far we  have seen various devices that are talking, such us cars, dolls etc.This project is also like one of them. you can use it in various projects such us IVS, robots etc. There are various voice recording IC's. They have different recording time and sampling frequency. Most of the IC's can record less than 1min of sound. ISD4004 can record 8min to 16mins maximum. If you select  high sampling frequenc ...

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Ultrasonic range finder using ATMega8515

This project is used to measure the distance using ultrasonic sensors. The ultrasonic signal passes through the atmosphere to a barrier, which we want to measure the distance. Part of this signal is reflected and travels back to the receiver. The time delay between sending and receiving signals are then determined by distance barriers. The device was designed as a parking assistant for the car. It will help ...

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TV remote controller 160KHz High Quality Stereo MMC WAV player using ATMEGA32

Introduction: This is my first AVR based hobby project and the most successful one compared to my all previous stuff. I am 100% satisfied with this work. Few months ago, I tried to make a wav player using a PIC16F877A. It worked anyway, but the audio quality was not so good for higher sampling rate because that chip doens't have enough ram and thus I couldn't implement a good data buffer. But when I bought ...

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Generating AUDIO ECHO using Atmega32 microcontroller

Introduction: But now I can do this very easily by a simple digital signal processing using a microcontroller. It's concept is very simple, ie we need to apply a proper delayed feedback in digital samples with in a circular buffer. I did this using an atmega32 microcontroller and it worked fine. This is simple but really an interesting project. Not only an echo, but we can do a lot of fun with this type of ...

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Implementing Discrete Fourier Transform in Atmega32 to make an audio spectrum analyzer

"All waveforms, no matter what you scribble or observe in the universe, are actually just the sum of simple sinusoids of different frequencies." Hi, I am just refreshing the basics of fourier transform. I am not an expert. Now I did a small audio spectrum analyzer(0 - 10KHz) on a 16x2 character lcd using an atmega32 microcontroller. Since I am refreshing from the basics, so I started with simple DFT. Also, ...

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