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Turn Your Arduino Into an ISP

Learn how to turn your Arduino into an AVR In System Programmer. This will allow you to burn bootloaders onto new chips or program AVRs without a bootloader. Step 1: Materials To begin you will need: * Arduino (I will be using the Uno) * AVR Microcontroller (This tutorial will cover the ATtiny85 & ATmega644) * Arduino IDE * Breadboard * Jumpers Step 2: Setup Before we begin programming chips we must set ...

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Build your own (cheap!) multi-function wireless camera controller using Microcontroller AVR ATMega8

Introduction Ever fancied building your own camera controller? IMPORTANT NOTE: Capacitors for the MAX619 are 470n or 0.47u.  The schematic is correct, but the component list was wrong - updated. This is an entry into the Digital Days competition so if you find it useful, please rate/vote/comment favourably!  If you reallly like it and are a stumbler, hit "i like it!" :) Update: featured on hackaday! hackada ...

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Turn a TV-B-Gone into a super camera remote

Intro: My Nikon DSLR has an infrared remote function (remote sold separately) that is really handy, but fairly limited in range. A while ago, I bought a TV-B-Gone Kit from it's inventor Mitch Altman, and it can turn TV's off from a great distance. I thought, "Hey, this thing is open source! I can hack this!" So follow along for replacing the firmware to create a super-powerful camera remote. You could even ...

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An attempt to show grayscale images on an LED dot matrix display with software PWM using PIC16F877A

Introduction: This is just a time pass hobby project, I am trying to display some pictures (JPEG/PNG/BMP etc) on my 8x8 led dotmatrix display.  You can see photos of my 8x8 led dotmatrix display showing some grayscale pictures. The main thing which you may notice is that the brightness of each led depends on the picture information respective to the scaled(8x8) pixel of the original picture.The original pic ...

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AVR based monochrome signal generation for a PAL TV using atmega16 micrcontroller

Introduction: I have learned some thing about TV in one of my semester but I forgot most of them. Now I refreshed a few basics and tried to implement a monochrome PAL TV signal generator using an AVR micrcontroller. I was using PIC earlier but later I jumped to AVR because I loves the USBASP programmer, the free avr-gcc compiler and the user friendly architecture of AVR microcontroller .Also at any t ...

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Drawing geometric figures on a PAL TV using ATmega32 (128×64 resolution)

Introduction: I am interested to draw lines, square, rectangle, circle etc on my TV screen. At first I was confused where to start. While thinking about it, a pencil and an eraser came to my mind. If we have a good pencil, eraser and a paper, then we can draw on it according to our own logic. If we use the pencil with compass and scale, we can draw circle, line, box etc on the paper. This is the basic idea ...

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