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Reverse engineering a server CPU voltage regulator module

A recent ebay fishing expedition yielded an interesting little part for the very reasonable sum of about five pounds. It’s a voltage regulator module from a Dell PowerEdge 6650 Xeon server. I originally bought this because I had the idea of salvaging parts from it to use in another project. These are high quality modules that will have very good inductors and sometimes an array of high value ceramic capacit ...

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Sonicare toothbrush teardown: microcontroller, H bridge, and inductive charging

Sonicare toothbrush teardown: microcontroller, H bridge, and inductive charging My Sonicare electric toothbrush recently quit working, so I took it apart and examined the interesting circuitry inside. There's much more complexity than I expected inside a toothbrush, especially in the mechanism that drives the brush head at 31,000 strokes per minute. Internally, the brush appears to be designed for quality r ...

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LT3086 – 40V, 2.1A Low Dropout Adjustable Linear Regulator with Monitoring and Cable Drop Compensation

Features Wide Input Voltage Range: 1.4V to 40V 1 Resistor Sets Output Voltage: 0.4V to 32V Output Current: 2.1A ±2% Tolerance Over Line, Load and Temperature Output Current Monitor: IMON = IOUT/1000 Temperature Monitor with Programmable Thermal Limit Programmable Cable Drop Compensation Parallel Multiple Devices for Higher Current Dropout Voltage: 330mV 1 Capacitor Soft-Starts Output and Decreases Noise Low ...

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The new 800V CoolMOS MOSFET from Infineon

The 700V and 800V CoolMOS™ P7 product families have been developed for flyback based low power SMPS applications including adapter and charger, lighting, audio SMPS, AUX and industrial power. The latest 600V CoolMOS™ P7 family completes the portfolio by offering the third voltage class of the P7 platform, that in contrast to the 700V and 800V series targets not only low power but also high power SMPS applic ...

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Short circuit tracer uses low power

This Design Idea presents a low power short circuit finder that capitalizes on the ear’s sensitivity to changes in frequency. The heart of the circuit is a voltage-to-frequency converter (based on Linear Tech’s AN45, Figure 13, by Jim Williams), which converts millivolt-level DC voltages to a wide range audio frequency output. The excitation signal is created by low power DC-DC regulator U1. This circuit pr ...

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L293D Motor Direction Control for Under $2.20

Further to my instructable 12V NE555 PWM Controller for Under $3 I have designed and built a simple and cheap DC Motor Direction Controller that can either be used with the PWM Controller, for speed control or by itself with a 12V power supply. I designed this DC Motor Direction Controller so that I could give direction control to DC motors that I am building into mini tools (drill, lathe, table saw, solder ...

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Convert $2 LED Lamp to $50 Smart Lamp

A smart bulb is an internet or Bluetooth-capable LED light bulb that allows lighting to be customized, scheduled and controlled remotely. Smart bulbs are among the most immediately successful offerings in the growing category of home automation and Internet of Things (IoT) products. In today's market many types of smart bulbs are available form price $10 to $100. But, can you think you can convert a low pri ...

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