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The Rise of Digital Control for DC/DC Regulation

Traditionally, switching DC/DC converters (voltage regulators) were controlled using analog techniques because these were simple to implement and helped to maximize the power supply’s efficiency. Digital components were too slow and power greedy to challenge analog dominance. However, over the past several years the introduction of high-speed, low power consumption and inexpensive silicon has rekindled inte ...

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125 kHz RFID reader based on ATtiny13

Introduction This RFID reader works with 125 kHz tags in credit card size shape cards and with 125 kHz key fobs (picture 1). The EM4100 protocol is used. When you approach an RFID Tag close enough (4-5 cm) to the reader's coil (L1) the reader will read the 10-digit unique ID of the Tag and transmit it as ASCII characters trough the serial output with 2400 bits per second. The circuit includes a buzzer that ...

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RFID Based Door Opening System

The RFID (Radio frequency identification) technology steps-up in the modern age in the field of access system, identification, protection system and so many places. In this project, we are using this as an door opening as well as door closing system based on the RFID card number identification. This antitheft project is built to secure the house from unwanted accidents. The circuit is designed to read and s ...

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Minimalist AVR programmer

I always like a challenge, so when I saw [simpleavr]s vusbtiny programmer, I started to wonder how small I could make an AVR programmer. All in all I’m pretty pleased with the result. The schematic is almost the same as the original one. I only added a LED an resistor to indicate a proper power supply. Since I wanted to try a simple USB connector made only with some bare pads on the PCB, I also added an add ...

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Simple silkscreen reference board

The last step in my PCB design process normally is the silkscreen. When I try to design a nice helpful silkscreen, I often find my self wondering “How small can I make the text?” or “If I put this text over a via, will it still be readable?”. Usually I end up digging around some old designs to find some examples of what worked, and what didn’t.  But during my last run, I got a bit annoyed and decided to inc ...

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Practical Guide to Implementing Solar Panel MPPT Algorithms

INTRODUCTION Using a solar panel or an array of panels without a controller that can perform Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) will often result in wasted power,which ultimately results in the need to install more panels for the same power requirement. For smaller/cheaper devices that have the battery connected directly to the panel, this will also result in premature battery failure or capacity loss, due ...

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HackManhattan’s Nordic nRF51822 breakout board

This is a Nordic Semiconductor system on chip with a 2.4 GHz radio and a Cortex-M0 processor. The hardware Bluetooth baseband provides raw BLE packets in a frame buffer. Nordic provides the S110 softdevice which implements a Bluetooth Low Energy stack. It also supports the proprietary protocol spoken by nRF24L01+ and nRF24LE1. Getting started Nordic has evaluation and development kits available for $99. The ...

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