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news about innovation in electronics world

DIY Wireless Data Transceiver

Have you ever wanted to send data from a sensor or project wirelessly?   This simple circuit allows you to build your own wireless transceiver using two ICs, a transistor, and two resistors. The IC is from Melexis and uses On-Off Keying modulation and can be battery powered. Here is the circuit.   For more detail: DIY Wireless Data Transceiver ...

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CoAction Hero: 32-bit Open-Source ARM Cortex-M3 Board

CoAction Hero: a powerful proto-board with a 120Mhz processor, 1MB filesystem, and built-in OS for tinkerers and engineers alike. CoAction Hero:  Feature-Rich, Easy-to-Use, Open Source CoAction Hero is an ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller board with a built-in operating system (CoActionOS) delivering unprecedented power and ease-of-use to your electronics projects. It includes many of the features you find on R ...

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Easy Pulse kit: A DIY pulse sensor based on photoplethysmography

The Easy Pulse sensor is designed for hobby and educational applications to illustrate the principle of photoplethysmography (PPG) as a non-invasive optical technique for detecting cardio-vascular pulse wave from a fingertip. It uses an infrared light source to illuminate the finger on one side, and a photodetector placed on the other side measures the small variations in the transmitted light intensity. Th ...

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PCBWeb – Free Online PCB Design Software

A new PCB design web application was released this last week called PCBWeb. The website states that PCBWeb is a free browser-based CAD application for designing and manufacturing electronics hardware.  The tool is currently released in BETA and allows you to create a schematic, full circuit board layout, and then export to gerber format for manufacturing. The application is supported on Windows and Mac usin ...

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Interactive Development Kit

IDK started out as a discussion one night at a makerspace with the idea of adding some sensory interaction to a video game beyond the usual accelerometer or motion capture input. What ended up evolving from that discussion over the past year is a simple easy to use kit that allows software developers and creative thinkers to utilize a wide range of sensors and controllers so they can create a complete inter ...

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SKS – measuring and testing with pleasure

Testing probes, clips, cables and other products of company SKS enable simpler and more effective testing and development. Probably, you´ve already faced the situation, when it was necessary to measure several signals at once, or for example to have a voltmeter connected in some point of a device and to control another equipment at the same time. In such cases, it would be great to have another pair of hand ...

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