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Step-by-Step Design Process for the MAX16833 High-Voltage High-Brightness LED Driver

Introduction This application note details a step-by-step design process for the MAX16833 high-voltage high-brightness LED driver to speed up prototyping and increase the chance for first-pass success. The MAX16833 is a peak current-mode-controlled LED driver, capable of driving an LED string in several different architectures: boost, buck-boost, SEPIC, flyback, and high-side buck topologies. The MAX16833 o ...

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2-Channel Digital Potentiometer

Description The DS1868B has two 256-position potentiometers, with wiper positions each set as 8-bit values. The potentiometers can be used independently or stacked for increased total resistance and number of taps. Communication takes place through a 3-wire serial port interface that drives an internal control logic unit. Multiple DS1868s can be linked or daisy-chained for control by a single processor. The ...

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Build your own Audio Amplifier Circuit

The LM4780 is a great part to build your own Audio Power Amplifier. It is not a new part, but is a very popular part used audio amplifier circuits. This part is spec’d to drive two 8Ω loads at 60 watts. The part comes in a wide TO-220 package and can be mounted to a heat sink. Pay attention to the voltage on the thermal tab it is a voltage supply not gnd. This circuit demonstrates how easy it is to configur ...

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pcDuino – 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 Dev Board with 1GB memory

Description: As the field of embedded electronics gets more advanced, hobbyists and professionals are both in need of smaller and more powerful computers. We've been looking for awhile and now we've found one that we really like, not only because it's small and fast but because it's also Arduino shield compatible! The pcDuino is a high performance, cost effective mini PC platform that runs full-featured ope ...

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Elektro Automatik power supplies will manage even kiloWatts

Programmable DC, AC, current and high-voltage power supplies, electronic loads, UPS, inverters and chargers of low and high power - it is Elektro Automatik. Common laboratory and testing power supplies can be found in an offer of many producers. However, when we need power supplies (including AC), electronic loads, UPS and other components for power supply and testing, which are able to handle tens and also ...

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GPS to SD card data logger and compass

Earlier this year I have bought on the flea market a used car GPS system, an Amstrad gp1000. (Un)fortunately it was so badly damaged, that it could not be  repaired, so I thought I would reuse some parts from it. Then came the idea of building a portable GPS logger system. The receiver runs perfectly from 3.3V, based on the NMEA V2. 2, 9600, 8, N, 1 protocol with a refresh rate of up to 1Hz and 16 channels. ...

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AVR microcontroller based PWM fan controllers

So this is a bit of a continuation on my 555 timer based PWM controllers, but now using microcontrollers and MOSFETs instead of 555 ICs and transistors. I made 2 versions, one with switches for speeding up and down and the other with a potentiometer like the previous controllers. I used ATtiny25 controllers running at 31.25KHz (8MHz internal RC / 256 prescaler) with a 3.3V supply, the MOSFETs I used are STP ...

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