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news about innovation in electronics world

Saelig Introduces BOARDMASTER Universal PCB Test System

Pittsford, NY, USA:  Saelig Company, Inc. ( has introduced the ABI BoardMaster 8000 PLUS –a unique, versatile, self-contained, and easy-to-use PCB test system.  The BoardMaster 8000 Plus is a comprehensive set of test instruments, complete with built-in PC, for testing and fault-finding on almost any kind of PCB.  Incorporating a full range of test instruments in one compact box and offering ...

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New Series of Handheld Oscilloscopes-Multimeters AKTAKOM

Miami, Florida, January 22 2013  – T&M Atlantic today announced that There is a new addition to AKTAKOMs handheld oscilloscopes-DMMs, a new device series dual channel models ADS-4062 and ADS-4102 with a bandwidth of 60 MHz and 100 MHz respectively. AKTAKOM new digital oscilloscopes-multimeters have maximum real time sampling rate of 1 GSa/s (500 mSa/s per channel) and the deepest Functionality of these ...

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(A small part of) The 6502 chip explained down to the silicon

The 6502 CPU's overflow flag explained at the silicon level  In this article, I show how overflow is computed in the 6502 microprocessor at the transistor and silicon level. I've discussed the mathematics of the 6502 overflow flagearlier and thought it would be interesting to look at the actual chip-level implementation. Even though the overflow flag is a slightly obscure feature, its circuit is simple enou ...

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Make a Variable Resistor with 1 Million Settings

Make a Variable Resistor with 1 Million Settings Last week in my college physics lab we got to use these variable resistance 'boxes'. They had two inputs and six dials, and could generate one million different resistances across the two inputs. I knew I had to have one, and why not make it myself? This tutorial demonstrates how to build one for yourself for pretty cheap. Materials: 3" x 5" x 2" plastic proj ...

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FidoCadJ – Simple and intuitive 2D vector drawing for electronics and not only

Description A multiplatform vector drawing program with a complete library of electronic symbols. Schematics and drawings are stored in a very compact text format. There is no netlist concept behind the drawings (so no simulation here, sorry!) but this allows a great graphical flexibility and ease of use, making FidoCadJ the perfect tool for exchange sketches in forum and newsgroup discussions with a few cl ...

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