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ATmega Alarm Clock & Thermometer Humidity meter

First, let me introduce you my project. I made an Alarm clock with extended functionality & thermometer and humiditymeter. Everything started when my friend (who used to bring me some old electronic rubbish and I used to check if there's not something useful) brought me some cashing register display similar like that. When I first see them I knew that I will made from it alarm clock. I'm programmer and ...

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Wireless temperature and humidity monitor for baby’s room

This project describes a DIY wireless temperature and humidity monitor for kids’ or infant’s room using the Arduino platform, and inexpensive and easily available ASK transmitter/receiver modules. On the transmitting end, an Arduino nano senses the ambient room temperature and humidity using the DHT22 sensor and transmits the data to a receiving end Arduino over a 433 MHz ASK RF link. The receiving side Ard ...

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Atmel SAMD21G Sensor Board

Mike Rankin created this tiny sensor board with an ARM Cortex M0+ microcontroller and OLED display: 0miker0’s Blog: SAMD21G Sensor Board It’s pretty tiny so a 4 layer board made the whole job easier. The top and bottom are pretty much dedicated for components, layer1 are tracks and power traces, layer2 is a ground plane. Mixing up an internal plane and routing layer was interesting. The hardware consists of ...

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ATtiny85 and SSD1306 wearable display

How to make wearable display - OLED SSD1306 display run by ATtiny85 Step by step tutorial, with no steps to skip. The main goal of this tutorial is to show how to make wearable display run by Attiny85 and OLED display SDD1306. Due to running campaign for ATtiny25/45/85 PCB TINY CHEAP VERSATILE Arduino compatible on Indiegogo I did prototype of wearable display base on natural leather, to show what is possib ...

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48V/12V DC/DC for automotive dual-rails offers bidirectional power flows

Features Unique Architecture Allows Dynamic Regulation of Input Voltage, Output Voltage or Current VHIGH Voltages Up to 100V VLOW Voltages Up to 30V Synchronous Rectification: Up to 97% Efficiency LTC-Proprietary Advanced Current Mode Control ±1% Voltage Regulation Accuracy Over Temperature Accurate, Programmable Output Current Monitoring and Regulation for Both Buck and Boost Operation Selectable Buck and ...

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Tiny Message Board

We will make a tiny connected message board with a 0.96" OLED display that can be controlled from your phone. We will use the IFTTT "DO" app to set and clear the reminder so that no extra hardware will be required besides the OLED display. In addition to the reminder, our tiny message board can display 3 other lines, which we will use to display the daily weather temperature forecast and a surf report, whic ...

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ARC Digital Amplifier

First and foremost, the ARC was designed with only the best sound quality in mind. The ARC delivers amazing sound, superb balance, great tone and detailed imaging. With precise sound staging and phase correctness, the ARC offers an absolutely startling presence. Designed for an expansive musical experience, the ARC provides full-audio-spectrum sound quality for all of your music. We are excited to be featur ...

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