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NUT4NT, Open-Source 4-Channel GNSS Receiver Development Board

Today, multi-frequency multi-signal satellite navigation equipment is designed by professionals working in large companies. It is also manufactured by large specialized companies. But tomorrow everything will change. NTLab — a fabless semiconductor company - has started to manufacture a four-channel, all-frequency front-end chip: the NT1065. It brings professional navigation to the masses. We are introducin ...

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AEM10940, A High Efficient Power Management IC From e-peas

AEM10940 is a power management IC designed by e-peas to store power from photovoltaics (PVs) cells and thermoelectric generator (TEGs) into rechargeable power sources, such as Li-Ion batteries and thin film batteries. At the same time, it supplies the system with two different regulated voltages, the charging voltage and the system supply voltage. e-peas is a startup based in Liège, Belgium. It works toward ...

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A dual sensor fan controller build

A while back, I added a fan controller to my Topward 6603A power supply. Later on, when I bought a used programmable power supply (PPS-2322) I had to do the same thing. Both of those builds were done on protoboards but I had a feeling that many of my other projects could use a similarly designed fan controller as well. So I thought why not just have the PCB professionally made? The schematics I designed for ...

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MyComm: A portable satellite messaging system

Never before have we been so incredibly connected to one another than today; thanks to the prevalence of internet and mobile data networks. But the dimension of this connected world is finite and ends not far beyond the outermost cell phone tower. John Grant wanted to be connected to his friends and family all the time and from everywhere. So he planned to build MyComm, a portable satellite messaging system ...

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A Powerful Alternative of ESP8266 Wifi Module

The potential competitor of ESP8266 wifi module will be available next week for just $2! Pine64, the manufacturer of the first $15 64-bit single board computer, is now preparing to launch “PADI IoT Stamp” RTL8710AF module. This module has the size of the stamp, a small 24mm x 16mm package with powerful specifications compared to its price. [caption id="attachment_36150" align="aligncenter" width="600"] The ...

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Enhanced Wireless High Power Transmission

A group of developers in Elektor Labs have modified a high power wireless power transfer project, which originally developed by Würth Elektronik eiSos GmbH & Co. KG, an electronic and electromechanical components manufacturer in Europe, in an attempt to come up with an easy-to-achieve solution for wireless power transfer of more than 100 Watts without using any kind of controller or programmed elements. ...

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Creating footprints in KiCad using a scanner

Some time ago I sourced a number of very cheap SD card sockets from China for a hobby project I was working on. Sadly, when it came to PCB design, I couldn't find the footprints for this particular socket anywhere - the part being a proprietary invention of the factory rather than a cheap knockoff of a reputable brand like Amphenol or Molex for which drawings are readily available off of Turns ...

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