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What are the best video games that were never made?

Canceled Video Games A definitive list of all the games that companies have canceled over the years could fill a book. Here are just a few video games that gamers never had the chance to play: "Journey to the Centre of Arcanum" was meant to be a sequel to the computer role-playing game (CRPG) "Arcanum" by Troika Games. "Arcanum's" mythology combined fantasy creatures like elves and dwarves with steampunk te ...

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What are the best settings for e-mailing or printing digital pictures?

Digital Picture Size The picture size is measured in pixels, so you need to pay attention to how many pixels wide and high the pictures you take are. Generally, a computer screen is 800 to 1200 pixels wide, with 800 being the most common setting. If you are e-mailing someone a picture that they are going to look at on their screen, then there is no reason to send them a picture bigger than their screen. Man ...

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HowStuffWorks Visits Bungie Studios

The Tour Begins When Pete returned, he started the tour. He took me through the main work area -- a large, dark space with desks and cubicles arranged as if they were meant to stop an oncoming invasion. Most of the desks were empty on November 3rd -- Pete explained that many Bungie folks were still on vacation. The low light, modular office furniture, mounds of gear, clutter and general lack of human beings ...

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How Flexplay DVDs Work

The Flexplay Twist The secret to Flexplay discs is an extra layer added to a standard DVD structure. This specialized layer includes a chemical compound that readily combines with oxygen in the atmosphere to form a new chemical compound. While the original chemical compound is transparent, the new chemical compound is opaque. When the layer is transparent, the laser passes straight through to the reflective ...

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How Power Paper Will Work

Power Paper Products There are already several products available that Power Paper batteries can be integrated with; and with devices becoming increasingly smaller, the market for thin power sources is huge. It's really the new devices that are yet to be developed that will make the most use of this new technology. Because Power Paper batteries are made with ink, and don't need a casing, there's no limitati ...

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Streaming Media Player Buying Guide

Types of Streaming Media Players Not all streaming media players are the same, and some will fit your personal needs better than others. In addition to the particular services each one offers, you'll probably want to decide which type of streaming media player works best for you. First, there are the straightforward streaming media consoles. The function of these devices is to simply stream media, and they ...

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How WiFi Detectors Work

Mechanics of WiFi Detectors A wireless signal can travel only so far. Specifically, a typic­al signal can extend as far as 1,000 feet (304.8 meters) in an unobstructed, open area and about 300 feet (91.44 meters) in a closed area that has obstructions [source: Graves]. Because the signals themselves are invisible and the access points (routers) that emit them are usually hidden, a WiFi detector can be a han ...

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