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IR Proximity Motor Control

Here’s a Motor Control via Proximity Sensing. In this article, we go step-by-step through the process of understanding, designing and building a system that uses an infrared proximity sensor for input, correlates that input to how far away an object is from the sensor and then drives a motor and some LEDs at distinct speeds depending upon the proximity of the object. ...

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Soselectronic supports your development with free samples of Sensirion sensors!

Temperature, pressure, humidity, flow – all this you have under control with the Sensirion components, the top quality Swiss producer.  CMOSens technology and other innovative technologies of company Sensirion enabled production of top quality calibrated sensors with a long lifetime. As you may have read in our articles:   New sensors Sensirion will take you only 3x3mm on PCB!   Professional humidity ...

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Toshiba launches highly sensitive 20MP BSI CMOS image sensor

Toshiba Corporation today announced that it will launch a new 20-megapixel (MP) CMOS image sensor, the TCM5115CL, as the latest addition to its sensor line-up for digital still cameras. TCM5115CL offers the industry's highest resolution in the 1/2.3 inch optical format, using backside illumination technology (BSI) to improve sensitivity and imaging performance. ...

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Sonitron – piezo transducers, which you can rely on

If you´re searching for a piezo transducers, buzzer, siren or a loudspeaker with a high efficiency and a high reliability, you´re on the right address. Narrow specialization, long-term know how, many patents and an own “in-house” production make the company Sonitron a European leader in a segment of piezo components. ...

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Soselectronic became an authorized distributor of Rohde&Schwarz

Products of German company Rohde&Schwarz are already for almost 80 years the synonym of a top quality, precision and reliability. We´re glad to announce you, that we became an authorized distributor of instruments of Rohde&Schwarz company – one of the most renowned world producer of instruments for Testing and measurement, Broadcasting, Secure Communications and Radiomonitoring ...

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Use a transistor and an ammeter to measure inductance

Raju Baddi writes: Bipolar junction transistors transfer a current from a lower-resistance emitter to a higher-resistance collector. You can use this property to measure inductance by connecting a series inductance/resistance circuit in the emitter and biasing on the transistor long enough for the current to reach a maximum value that is at least five LR time constants ...

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