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Mechanized Android Figure using Microcontroller ATtiny44A

These Android figures are cute, but they don't actually do anything. Let's change that. Have a look at the video: These are the steps to make an Android that reacts to sound, moves it's head, sends out Morse Code messages and displays some cool light patterns. In the video the LEDs in the body are not that visible, but this is what it looks like: Parts and Schematics These are the required parts: 1 x Androi ...

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Build your own Wifi radio using Microcontroller ATmega16

The internet hosts lots and lots of online radiostreams, most of them with a certain theme, ranging from old time classics to Tibetian riverdancing. I must admit that I love to listen to them while I'm building stuff, as I can choose the music I like without listening to the same cd's over and over again. The only problem is that I always needed to have a computer neaby to get an internet connection. So I l ...

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