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CHiL Semiconductor Releases New Family of MOSFET Drivers

Tewksbury, MA (PRWEB) December 30, 2010

CHiL Semiconductor Corporation, a leading developer of high-performance, mixed-signal power management integrated circuits for the server, personal computer and high-volume computing market segments, announced that it has introduced a new family of MOSFET drivers, focusing on high efficiency voltage regulator (VR) solutions. Driver models are available with variable gate drive and over-temperature protection, improving servers reliability and efficiency.

The MOSFET driver family is designed to operate over a 5 to 12 volt range and is engineered to optimize efficiency and offer consistent gate current over the entire drive voltage range. Todays servers no longer have 12 volts available when operating or sleep state, so CHiL drivers have been engineered to operate from 5 volt standby in servers, storage systems, and other electronic equipment.

With the introduction of these new MOSFET drivers, CHiL is continuing its focus on products that optimize system efficiency and reliability, said Larry Spaziani, CHiLs vice president of marketing and business development. Our enthusiasm for developing energy efficient products is reflected in this new family of drivers.

The full-featured CHL8515 operates from 5 volts Vcc and can operate from a drive voltage ranging from 4 to 13 volts. It is fully compatible with CHiLs variable gate drive technology, which is used to optimize efficiency by tuning gate voltage to the optimum point for a given MOSFET. The CHL8515 also enhances system reliability with an over-temperature protection (OTP) feature. The feature provides OTP on each phase of a multiphase VR solution. The over-temperature set point can be set from 60

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