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Computer Recycling and Donations in Calgary Alberta Canada for a good cause

(PRWEB) September 10, 2004

This new program offered jointly by the Calgary Drop in Center and the ERA aims to provide a computer to every household, to enable job creation, skill development, internet access to everyone. Families interested in receiving recycled computers in Calgary can now contact the Drop in Center and qualify to receive them.

Old computers often thrown away by companies, and in some cases unnecessarily recycled at a high premium, can now be given away for a good cause. The ERA offers a collection service to companies in Alberta where they can come in and pickup pallets of equipment, take out old equipment from offices, for reuse and recycling. This program will enhance any companies corporate social responsibly profile.

Another service offered mostly to small businesses and residents are the many retail collection depots throughout the province. Some of which include The Brick stores in Alberta, Memory Express stores in Calgary, Express Computer Store in Calgary, Ascot Business Computers, Ideal Solutions Group and many others. These retailers are currently operating as depot locations for the ERA, by accepting items from their clients for the donation and recycling program.

All equipment collected in tested, and any reusable equipment is refurbished, repaired, and put to good use. Any non reusable equipment is handled with the highest environmental standards in mind, and recycled to recover metals, plastics, and small amounts of precious metals from circuit boards.

To arrange a pickup of your old computer and electronic equipment please contact the ERA at the following:

Electronic Recycling Association of Alberta

1301 34th Avenue SE

Calgary, Alberta

T2G 1V8

(403) 262 4488


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