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EGYDuino – Arduino compatible board

EGYDuino is a DIY Arduino clone made on a single sided PCB board. It’s simple and cheap to build using home PCB fabrication methods and it’s 100% compatible with Arduino.


ATmega8 takes care of the USB to serial communication and should be burned with AVR-CDC232 firmware. AVR-CDC creates a virtual COM port on the PC after connecting the device and installing the appropriate driver. The ATmega 8,168 should be programmed with ArduinoNG boatloader.EGYDuino Arduino compatible board

This can be done through another Arduino board (set a ISP programmer) using the Arduino IDE or by using a separate programmer (USB, serial or parallel) like USBasp with suitable software. Also you can use Arduino Duemilanove bootloader for ATmega 168 or 328.  The features of this board are:

  • It’s using ATmega8 as interface IC
  • Has USB connection to PC
  • Standard RESET button
  • 100% compatible Arduino PINs
  • 5V regulator
  • 3.3V output
  • compatible size and design
  • All component are TH (through hole) parts
  • USB or DC power switch
  • LED  for PIN13 with Jumper
  • LED for power
  • easy to build
  • ATmega8,168,328 core using arduinoNG
  • standard DC power jack

EGYDuino can be powered via the USB connector, or with a voltage regulator through an external adapter.


The full schematic is shown belowschematic EGYDuino Arduino compatible board

For more detail: EGYDuino – Arduino compatible board

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