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Emulation Technology Announces Development Hardware Support For The World’s Smallest Microcontroller

Santa Clara, CA, (PRWEB) October 9, 2004

Emulation Technology (ET), announced today complete development support for Microchip Technology’s PIC10F microcontroller family (PIC10F200, PIC10F202, PIC10F204, PIC10F206)—the world’s smallest microcontrollers. Responding to designers’ and test engineers’ specific needs for development solutions for this new device package, ET has created sockets, receptacles and adapters to accommodate the ultra-small form factor of the new 8-bit, 6-pin Flash devices housed in SOT-23 packages.

Big Future

Microchip’s new PIC10F microcontrollers are very small—measuring about one-eighth of an inch by one-sixteenth of an inch. Analysts project that the PIC10F’s small form factor and low cost will contribute to its popularity with designers working on projects such as consumer products and industrial applications.

Complete Support

The PIC10F’s ultra-small form factor presents challenges to electronic designers and others implementing, prototyping and testing designs using the microcontrollers. ET’s support includes the following test accessories:

·Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) Socket allows users to remove the SOT-23 packaged device, and re-insert into the development board without soldering. The ZIF socket design ensures proper IC positioning, preventing device damage.

·SOT Socket Receptacle allows the ZIF socket to be easily removed and replaced. The gold-plated pins provide a quick and reliable connection to a programmer, PCB and ZIF socket.

·Programming/Prototyping Adapter with wire wrap male pins or screw machine male pins provide for easy and reliable conversion of programmers and prototyping PCBs so your design can be verified and tested quickly.

·SOT Emulation Adapter extends development capabilities and converts the SOT target footprint to an 8-pin Female DIP for easy hookup to a DIP Emulator Pod.

Applications – Failure Analysis / Device Verification

Often engineers need to do failure analysis or device verification during the design and/ or production phase of a system. Now they can remove a PIC10F component from a production board socket, install the component in ET’s SOT prototyping adapter soldered to the PCB and test the component outside the circuit.

“Emulation Technology provides a full line of interconnect adapters for development tools, which help design engineers to quickly prototype a design with our PIC10F family of microcontrollers,” said Derek Carlson, Director of Development Systems and Software at Microchip Technology. “Microchip is always seeking ways to augment our development-tool suite and assist our customers in reducing time to market. We’re pleased that ET has a unique line of support products for the PIC10F family of microcontrollers.”

Price and Availability

Pricing for these accessories in single piece quantities range from $ 15.00 to $ 79.00 and are available from stock. Custom products are available and requests can be directed to [email protected]

Emulation Technology

ET is celebrating its 21st year of providing quality interconnect solutions for design and development engineers. The company’s experience helping engineers create quality products and reducing costs associated with design, development, and time to market has made it the leader in this industry. Emulation Technology has more than 50,000 customers and operations in 23 countries worldwide. The company is privately held and is headquartered at 2344 Walsh Avenue, Bldg. F, Santa Clara, Calif., 95051.

Note: The Microchip name and logo, and PIC are registered trademarks of Microchip Technology Inc. in the USA and other countries.

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