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Fastest Finger First Circuit using ATMega16

Fastest Finger first circuit is basically used in quiz type games where the reaction speed of a participant is significant. The circuit enables us to identify who responded first to the question by triggering a visual and audio indication.

Fastest Finger First Circuit using ATMega16

Components Required

  1. 1 x ATMega16 development board
  2. 1 x Seven Segment display
  3. 8 x 330 ohms Resistor
  4. 9 x Momentary Switches (8 Teams + 1 Reset switch)
  5. 1 x Buzzer
  6.  1 x BC547 Transistor


The circuit uses a buzzer to produce the audio signal and a seven segment display for visual indication. The display shows the corresponding team number which pressed the buzzer first. The brain of this circuit is an ATMega16 microcontroller which can run at a maximum speed of 16MHz and so there will be no question of clash between any two contestants until and unless their reaction time was same in order of microseconds which is impossible.

Fastest Finger First Circuit using ATMega16 schematic

Seven Segment Display

It consists of seven LEDs named a, b, c, d, e, f and g which when turned ON or OFF in a particular pattern displays a decimal number from 0 to 9 or alphabets A to F. The seven LEDs either have a common cathode or common anode configuration in order to reduce the number of pins.


For more detail: Fastest Finger First Circuit using ATMega16

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