Fingerprint based security system

This AVR microcontroller based project demonstrates Finger print based access control / security system, in this project we have provided all required data, PCB, Code, Circuit Diagram, Proteus Simulation.
This project operates a relay based on valid finger detection. It is provided with 6-Keys for Addition, Deletion of Finger Print. It uses standard SM-630 Fingerprint Verification Module developed by Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd.
SM630 background highlight optical fingerprint verification module is the latest release of Miaxis Biometrics Co., Ltd. It consists of optical fingerprint sensor, high performance DSP processor and Flash. It boasts of functions such as fingerprint Login, fingerprint deletion, fingerprint verification, fingerprint upload, fingerprint download, etc. Compared to products of similar nature, SM630 enjoys the following unique features:
● Self-proprietary Intellectual Property Optical fingerprint collection device, module hardware and fingerprint algorithm are all self developed by Miaxis.
● High Adaptation to Fingerprints When reading fingerprint images, it has self-adaptive parameter adjustment mechanism, which improves imaging quality for both dry and wet fingers. It can be applied to wider public.
● Low Cost Module adopts Miaxis’ optical fingerprint collection device, which dramatically lowers the overall cost.
● Algorithm with Excellent Performance SM630 module algorithm is specially designed according to the image generation theory of the optical fingerprint collection device. It has excellent correction & tolerance to deformed and poor-quality fingerprint.
● Easy to Use and Expand User does not have to have professional know-how in fingerprint verification.
User can easily develop powerful fingerprint verification application systems based on the rich collection of controlling command provided by SM630 module. All the commands are simple, practical and easy for development.
● Low Power Consumption Operation current <80mA, specially good for battery power occasions.Schematic Fingerprint based security system
1. Power on state
2. Display “Place Finger”3. Poll for Keys and Finger Search
4. Display “Entry Successful” and Relay on for delay
1. “Time out”
2. “Process Failed”
5. Add Finger
1. Display “Add Finger” “Place Finger”
2. “Time out”
3. “Process Failed”
4. “Entery Successful” “ID=??”
6. Delete Finger
1. Display “Select ID”
2. Use UP/Down Keys
3. OK key to delete
4. “ID=?? Deleted”

Step 1: Major Components Required

1. Atmega 8 Microcontroller
2. Relays, Switches
3. SM630 Finger Print Module
4. LM7805
5. BC548
6. 16×2 LCD Display
7. Buy Components from our Store
Step 2: Circuit Design and PCB Manufacturing
Download Requires Files
1. Download Proteus Simulation Circuit Diagram
Fingerprint based security system
3. Assemble components using above files.
4. Download SM630 Manual 

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