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Fujitsu announces a High-sensitivity GPS/AGPS Chipset aimed at Mobile Handsets and Telematics applications

(PRWEB) July 23, 2004

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) today announced a 2-chipset solution for high sensitivity GPS/AGPS receivers capable of indoors acquisition. The Fujitsu chipset achieves high performance (sensitivity, accuracy and TTFF) with low power and a small PCB footprint.

The highly integrated solution consists of a baseband chip and an RF front end chip (supporting GPS L-band C/A code). The baseband chip interfaces to a host CPU/MCU via a simple serial interface (UART).

Capable of operating in both ‘autonomous GPS/standalone’ mode and ‘assisted GPS’ mode, the chipset is designed to work in cellular handsets using any air interface such as UMTS/WCDMA, GSM/GPRS, PDC and CDMA technologies. It is versatile in that a receiver can be initially developed as an autonomous GPS receiver and subsequently software upgraded to AGPS when assistance becomes available.

Fujitsu provides a software library (API) for interfacing to the application software layer. The control software on the host CPU is processor and OS independent running as a single thread requiring no real-time interrupts, RTOS or host libraries.

The employment of power-saving techniques with the 0.11um technology results in a peak baseband power dissipation of 67mW during low signal strength acquisition, while the continuous tracking (1Hz update rate) power dissipation is less than 40mW.

The Acquisition/tracking engine on the chip has 44000 effective correlators, resulting in high indoor sensitivity calibrated to -157.5dBm and indoor accuracy of less than 20m. The chipset meets FCC-E911 requirements for October 2005. The solution achieves fast TTFF of less than 1s when hot and around 32s when cold for outdoors fixes.

The baseband chip (MB87Q2040) incorporates a highly optimised GPS/AGPS baseband IP licensed from eRide Inc. eRide’s patented and proven GPS/AGPS IP, is based on extensive experience the company has gained in the GPS market.

The RF front-end chip (MB15H156), based on Fujitsu’s BiCMOS process, integrates most RF-externals and features on-chip IF-filters, VCO, PLL, oscillators and LNA, resulting in a reduced BOM cost and component count and minimising the board area. Fujitsu is also developing a CMOS RF front-end which will be introduced later this year.

The MB87Q2040 and MB15H156 are housed in 7x7mm 48-pin and 5x5mm 32-pin BCC plastic packages respectively (keeping pin pitch at 0.5mm), giving a complete solution footprint of below 100mm2. The chipset operates over the industrial temperature range of -40 to +85oC.

This product will be supported by Fujitsu offices world-wide. For enquiries, please contact [email protected]

About Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe

Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe (FME) is a major supplier of semiconductor and display products. The company provides advanced systems solutions to the automotive, digital TV, mobile telephony, networking and industrial markets. Engineers from design centres dedicated to microcontrollers, mixed-signal, wireless, FRAM, multi-media ICs and ASIC products work closely with FME’s marketing and sales teams throughout Europe to help satisfy customers’ system development requirements.

This solutions approach is supported by a broad range of advanced semiconductor devices, IP and building blocks as well as leading-edge LCDs and Plasma Display Panels. For more information visit Fujitsu Microelectronics Europe’s website at

About eRide, Inc

eRide is based in San Francisco, and is a private company founded in 1999. eRide provides an end-to-end GPS solution including semiconductor IP, chipsets, host client software, assistance server, and GPS reference network for semiconductor companies, handset OEMs, and wireless operators, based on a patented GPS/AGPS architecture. For more information visit the company’s website at

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(Ref: PR811/014576-05)


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