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Growth Despite Recession Positions Weisenbach Recycled Products for Another Record Year in 2009

Columbus, OH (PRWEB) March 3, 2009

Weisenbach Recycled Products posted earnings for 2008 up 11% over 2007, the company’s previous best year. April to October brought record sales where average monthly revenue grew almost 15%. While other companies are seeing red ink and reducing staff, Weisenbach Recycled Products is at full production, and growing.

Owner Dan Weisenbach, 47, attributes his company’s success to a simple philosophy: “We are the real deal when it comes to being a green business. We were first in our field and we know our stuff. We make quality products from recycled materials and we take care of our customers, our employees, and the environment”.

Despite the gloomy economic climate, Weisenbach is optimistic that 2009 will be another year of growth. Trying times and adverse conditions stir creativity in the innovator who started his company in 1981 during a serious economic drought and when sustainability was not even in the dictionary of business practice. With hard work and an unerring belief in what he was doing, he persevered and created a market for environmentally preferable products.

Now in his 28th year of operations,Weisenbach sees his efforts yield much more than fiscal success. He knows that the work he does is making a difference, and he is excited about the positive impact his products have. “The vast majority of our clients use our products to create awareness of environmental issues in their community.”

Weisenbach sees the business as a vehicle for positive social change. “Being nationally recognized and trusted for our green initiatives, we frequently receive calls on how to recycle particular waste materials and provide customers with resources. We are not just a business, but a critical resource in the green community.”

It wasn’t an easy path, but with irrepressible energy for the cause, and the know-how to back it up, Weisenbach created an industry and put it on the consumer’s radar. He holds more than 3 dozen trademarks and patents. He also serves successive terms on many environmental advisory boards.

Weisenbach pioneered the concept and commercial viability of “WARM (Waste As Raw Material) Manufacturing” demonstrating that many waste and scrap materials can be recycled to make useful, profitable products. He developed new recycled products from rubber tires, car batteries, electronic circuit boards, and plastic food containers. He convinced his suppliers to use recycled materials.

Weisenbach knows from experience that hardship opens doors for innovation. “Four or five years ago, we were day-to-day. We almost didn’t make it. We were making this really cool stuff, but there weren’t a lot of buyers.” He decided to sell off some of his equipment and retool his factory. “We worked our way out of the last recession by developing new processes and offering wider array of recycled material products. This year we’re increasing production capabilities again by adding new equipment for plastics and glass.”

As a company, Weisenbach Recycled Products’ success stems from more than environmentally friendly practices. With a culture in the workplace that inspires the best in his employees, Weisenbach sees almost no turnover in his staff. They share his vision and work as a team to provide quality products and excellent customer service. Remaining loyal and dedicated through the toughest times, this coherent team gets much of the credit when Weisenbach discusses his current success.

Going forward he sees the current economic woes as fertile ground. Understanding firsthand the pressures on business owners, he sees a landscape ripe with opportunity for those who will look for solutions, and keep working toward innovation.

“If I can make something useful out of someone’s trash, that just makes sense. Of course we aren’t going to solve the problems of solid waste by making pencils out of newspaper. But we are going to prevent at least that much material from getting buried. And more importantly, if I can inspire another business or industry to reduce their waste, re-purpose a commodity, or reinvent a process, that can make a huge impact. Sustainability and accountability are two tines of the same fork, and with commitment to each, our economy will bounce back. It may look different, and run different, but sometimes different is better.”

Weisenbach Recycled Products is online at

About Weisenbach Recycled Products:

Manufacturer of Promotional Products, Awards, and Consumer Goods made from Recycled Materials

Privately held, founded 1981

President, Daniel G. Weisenbach

Member, Ohio Department of Natural Resources – DRLP Advisory Council

Member, Keep Ohio Beautiful Board of Directors

Member, Green Columbus Board of Directors

Approved for People and Planet by Green America (formerly Co-op America)

City of Columbus GreenSPOT designation

Number of Employees 16

Commercial Printer using 100% recycled paper and soy based inks and solvents since 1989

Recipient, 2008 Environmental Excellence Award from American Printer Magazine

Recipient, 2001 Best Workplace in America “Best of the Best” – PIA/GATF

Recipient 1997 Recycler of the Year – Association of Ohio Recyclers

2009 Catalog circulation – 22,000

On the web at


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