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Lattice debuts iCEstick FPGA Evaluation Board

Lattice Semi has released their iCEstick eval board.This board has a high-performance, low-power iCE40HX1K FPGA on board and has a USB thumb drive form factor. IO connectors include 16 LVCMOS/LVTTL (3.3 V) digital I/O connections on 0.1” through-hole connections and a 2 x 6 position Digilent Pmod connector for other peripheral connections.

Lattice debuts iCEstick FPGA Evaluation Board

The board’s FTDI 2232H USB device allows iCE device programming and UART interface to a PC. On board devices include a Vishay TFDU4101 IrDA transceiver and five user LEDs. The board also includes a Discera 12 Mhz MEMS oscillator, Micron 32 Mbit N25Q32 SPI flash and is powered directly from the USB connector.

The iCEstick is supported by Lattice iCEcube2 design software for HDL development. Programing the onboard iCE40HX-1k device’s SPI flash is done with Lattice Diamond Programmer.

More details can be found in the 21-page PDF iCEstick user manual.

The Lattice iCEstick evaluation board is available from Lattice Semi’s online store for $24.99.

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For more detail: Lattice debuts iCEstick FPGA Evaluation Board

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