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New Product Announcement – ARM Microcontroller Based Development Boards

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada (PRWEB) May 26, 2004

Aeolus Development announces the availability of the ARMStick 10X series. These boards provide a simple way to develop and prototype products using the LPC210X ARM microcontroller from Philips.

Compatible with a standard SIMMStick bus, these boards provide the local power supply, oscillator and other support circuitry allowing the user to concentrate on application specific circuitry. The support of the SIMMStick bus allows the use of existing SIMMStick products for rapid development and production.

Key features include:

7.5V-18V or 4.5V – 5.5V standard SIMMStick input power range.

SPI serial interface.

I2C serial interface.

1-wire serial interface.

Asynchronous serial interface.

16K, 32K or 64K of RAM.

128K of flash.

Timers, PWM’s and Digital I/O.

Power monitor circuitry.

JTAG connector for debugging.

In system programmable using a serial interface.

10MHz oscillator (the microcontroller can PLL this to provide up to 60MHz operation).

Full details available at, and

About Aeolus Development

Founded in November of 2003, Aeolus Development is dedicated to developing products to make the development and production of embedded products easier.


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