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PC stepper motor driver

With this circuit you can control two unipolair stepper motors in full step mode via the RS232 serial port of your PC. A terminal program such as Hyperterminal can be used to control the stepper motors. The stepper motors can be driven one at a time.


  • Drives two unipolair stepper motors in full step mode
  • Accepts commands via the serial port of your PC.
  • Can be used with any OS that has a standard terminal program such as Hyperterminal.
  • Drives stepper motors up to 24V, 500mA.
  • Power supply ………………….12-24 VDC

PC stepper motor driver


A MAX232 IC is used to convert the signals from the serial port of the PC to the TTL level of the AVR µ-controller. A AT2313 µ-controller is used to take the signals from the serial port and to translate the signals to drive the coils of the stepper motor.

stepper motor driver

The signals from the µ-controller are amplified by the ULN2803A which is an Darlington Array that can drive loads up to 500mA. It’s input is TTL level and the output is up to 30VDC. The stepper motor is driven in full step mode, for every step two windings are energised. The motor can be rotated left and right by sending commands to the board with the terminal program. A maximum of 32000 step can be made with each command.

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