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PhaseLink Corporation Announces 2nd Generation MHz to KHz Clock Oscillator

(PRWEB) June 26, 2011

PhaseLink Corporation, a leader in frequency source generation and the inventor of the Analog Frequency Multiplier (industrys best performing clock IC), and PicoPLL (worlds smallest and lowest power programmable clocks) today announced the availability of the newest member of PhaseLinks PicoXO clock family, the PL610-32, PL610-32A and PL610-33.

PhaseLinks PL610-32 and PL610-33 are fixed versions of the worlds smallest, lowest power, and best performing programmable oscillators, the PL610-01, PL610-02, and PL610-03. These ICs are new additions to PhaseLinks programmable and non programmable oscillator family of products. This family offers the smallest die size that comfortably accommodates package cavities as small as 2.0 mmx1.6 mm ceramic module or a 2.0×1.3×0.6mm DFN package, operates on a 1.62V to 3.63V supply range, while offering the lowest power consumption. With its smallest size, PL610-3X family has an uncompromising performance that also supports a built-in Automatic Level Control (ALC) circuit that regulates the crystal drive performance.

PL610 family solves the tuning fork resonator problems of having a slow start up time and a wide frequency variation of 200 ppm to 300 ppm over industrial temperature range. , said Amir Naghavi, VP of Marketing at PhaseLink Corporation. With PL610-3X family, the start up time is less than 2ms, and the total frequency drift becomes a more manageable 20~30 ppm over the industrial temperature range of -40

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