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Power Quality Professionals at Energy Control Systems Recommend 8 Tips to Reduce Cost of Poor Power Quality

Fort Worth, Texas (Vocus/PRWEB) December 14, 2010

Power Quality Professionals at Energy Control Systems have found that business operations deploy various organization quality control tools as a corporate culture to reduce losses due to poor quality of operational procedures. While the organizational good quality practices assist enhancing the efficiency of the operator, the efficiency of electrical & electronic equipment is largely dependent on good quality of power. Most of the electronic equipment is vulnerable to fluctuations in power supply and is sensitive to electrical disturbances. Implementation of tools to mitigate these electrical disturbances and stabilize voltage excursions in power supply reduce the cost of poor power quality.

Leading provider of power quality engineering services, Energy Control Systems is proud to announce simple tips to economically reduce the cost of poor power quality:

1. Sort, Set and Shine the power distribution system

2. Install a single point low resistance ground.

3. Optimize size of neutral bus bar and ground bus

4. Separate sensitive loads from noisy loads

5. Separate communication circuits from electrical power circuits

6. Installation appropriate Surge Protection Devices

7. Install appropriate Uninterruptable Power Supplies

8. Monitor KWH and Power Quality

Energy Control Systems recommends consulting experienced power quality professionals who can be at site with the facility maintenance professionals to provide power quality engineering services.

Power quality engineering service involves identification of power disturbances, mitigation of power disturbances, enhancing reliability of power protection systems, back-up power systems and enhancing efficiency of sensitive control and communication systems.

Power Quality Professionals at Energy Control Systems are experienced electrical professionals trained for power quality engineering services and energy efficiency. They specialize in Detection of power disturbances in an electrical distribution system; Analysis of the source of disturbance, risk to the sensitive load, cost effectiveness of mitigation device; Mitigation of the disturbance by engineering a customized solution, its proper installation and preventative maintenance.

Energy Control Systems, founded in June 1987 in by Jeff Edwards, was incorporated as ECS International Inc. in the state of Texas in September of 1988. Energy Control Systems mission is to provide cutting edge power quality solutions to our clients thereby increasing their overall profitability by decreasing overhead costs related to power quality issues. Through our commitment to provide Exceptional Customer Service by emphasizing the integrity, urgency and reliability required to conduct business in todays world, we strive to create global partnerships which help to perpetuate future business propositions.

Dustin Edwards I Director of Communications

Energy Control Systems I


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