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PRAFTEC Has Entered into Freescale Semiconductor Design Alliance Program

(PRWEB) May 18, 2005

Freescale Semiconductor, Inc. and PRAF Microcomputer Technologies Ltd. have signed a Design Alliance Membership Agreement, in March 2005. PRAF Microcomputer Technologies has been accepted into the Freescale’s Design Alliance Program (DAP) as a member of the program, and as a design-house having a proven expertise in Freescale’s semiconductor products.

Freescale Semiconductor is a leading global semiconductor company focused on providing embedded processing and connectivity products to large, high-growth markets. The company focuses on providing products to the automotive, networking and wireless communications industries.Since Freescale began its operations in 1953 as the semiconductor products sector of Motorola, Inc., the company has been an innovator and pioneer in the global semiconductor industry. The company is responsible for a number of significant innovations that have had a meaningful impact on the industry. For example, Freescale has developed key product categories, such as communications processors, microcontrollers, solid state acceleration sensors and cellular semiconductors and modules.Freescale has also been a leader in the development of process technology, pioneering the use of 200 millimeter silicon wafers, copper interconnect, silicon-on-insulator and silicon germanium carbon to create higher-performance, lower-cost products for its customers. In addition, the company has been a pioneer in advanced device packaging and invented the ball-grid array packaging technology, which is utilized extensively throughout the industry.

PRAF Microcomputer Technologies is a company specialized on design, development, manufacturing and marketing of embedded electronic systems in different fields such as telephony, security, automation and control.Established in 2002, R&D department of PRAFTEC consists of a small but well educated and qualified group of professionals those have a deep fundamental knowledge in the computer and electronic sciences, in the classic theory of control and in its modern and highly computerized control techniques. The R&D team is involved in design and development of electronic and mechanical hardware, in algorithm design and software engineering.The company is focused on microcomputer based technologies and has experience in design of wired and wireless telephony projects, vehicle location security mobile systems, process and parameter controllers, and in many other projects. In addition to the embedded computing technologies, since the real world has the analogue nature, PRAFTEC puts its efforts on research of analogue technologies as well. As result, a number of its creative solutions have been implemented in products already, bridging the continuous and discrete natures.

Freescale’s Design Alliance Program Overview

The goal of Design Alliance Program is to build loyalty for Freescale products among design-house engineers around the globe by providing third-party developers with a collaborative environment, tools and technical support to enable them to design solutions and serve their customers better.Through these collaborations, Freescale cultivates win- win relationships that support its customers’ business imperatives. Freescale customers will have access to a network of top-notch, qualified third-party developers who can help create embedded solutions for their products.

Enabling fast-time-to-market.

Providing technical resources.

Making connections.

This is the mission of Freescale’s Design Alliance Program.

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