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Speech Synthesis on Atmega128

I had this one project where the device was supposed to speak out the
output. And I was too Lazy to actually go and build a PC based application and not that lazy to make it on a micro controller. So here is some of my research where i am gonna show you how to do speech synthesis for your Embedded Project.

Speech Synthesis on Atmega128

Why I am Implementing it on a Microcontroller?

-Its Cheap

-Its Portable

-Its Fun

-Its Easy ( Yes! Once you Port it on your platform, it is)

Step 1: Things you need to gather

What do we need here.

-A Micro controller with PWM generation possible and lots of memory ( We are using Atmega128)
-A low power Speaker (8 Ohm one will match the impedence)

=A low pass filter adjusted on 8Khz Band.

-A display maybe, if you need it for debugging.

-Supply for your controller

Step 2: Overview of its Working

here is one Warning before implementing this project. This will eat up lots of memory from your Micro controller so if you need larger syntax’s as speeches. Buy a micro controller with larger memories or interface external memories as even smaller words takes KB’s of memory

okay, now let me give you an overview of this. What we are gonna do here is we will take some Voice files, store into our Micro controllers and then put it out on a speaker. Simple right? well it is’nt took me days to implement this.

The audio files are sampled into 8bits of values and are Put out through a Waveform generation channle to a low pass filter which will give you a nice analog signal.


For more detail: Speech Synthesis on Atmega128

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