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Strain Gauge Measurements via Ethernet

Portland, OR (PRWEB) June 26, 2007

Sensoray announced the newest addition to their 2600 series of smart Ethernet I/O modules, the 2612. The 2612 allows for simultaneous measurement of up to four 350 strain gauges per module via Ethernet. Two voltage sense lines for the bridge input provide a true 6-wire measurement with 200 nV resolution at a 6 Hz rate. The 2612’s microcontroller provides I/O services to the remote 2601 communication module via a category-5 cable. The cat-5 cable supplies isolated serial communication and power to the 2612’s microcontroller.

The 2612 has automatic standardization circuitry that periodically measures on-boards reference standards to update the gain and offset of each channel. Subsequent readings use the newest computed gain, offset and bridge input voltage. Factory calibration constants are stored in non volatile memory so that 2612’s can be replaced without requiring field calibration. A 14-bit A/D digitizes all analog inputs and internal references at two 150 mS intervals. Each input is simultaneously in rapid succession and the averaged results are stored in on-board memory.

Linux and Windows drivers are available as is a Labview software interface.

The 2612 data sheet is available on Sensoray’s web site.


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