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Automatic Railway Gate Controller with High Speed Alerting System

The main aim of this project is to operate and control the unmanned railway gate in the proper manner in order to avoid the accidents in the unmanned railway crossing. In a country like ours where there are many unmanned railway crossings, accidents are increasing day by day. These train accidents are due to the absence of human power in the railway. In order to overcome the accidents due to the above probl ...

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GSM Based Intruder Alerting System

Did you know that most of the thefts at home happen when it is empty? But not everyone is rich enough to hire a security for their house and at the same time they themselves cannot be at home 24x7. Now what if there is a system which alerts you about an intruder through a text message? The following tutorial discusses how to make you own intruder alerting system. Components Required 1.     PIR Sensor 2.     ...

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