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AVR Thermostat

This thermostat is built around an ATMega164 and a TC1047A temperature sensor. It controls your furnace and air conditioner. It is not programmable, although it has a clock and is capable if some additional code were written (any volunteers?). The unique feature is that instead of a bunch of buttons and switches, I used a single pushbutton rotary encoder, for a very simple user interface. The ATmega164P has ...

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AVR Thermocouple Temperature Meter using ATmega164 microcontroller

The benefit using thermocouple sensor for measure temperature is it has wide range measurement (-200 °C to +1350 °C / -328 °F to +2462 °F range for Type K), inexpensive, interchangeable, and is supplied with standard connectors. To get temperature value from output of a thermocouple, you need high precision amplifier and proper compensation circuit due to its small and relativistic output voltage. This hand ...

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