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Week 11: Networking with ESP8266

For this week I set out to make a board that will show realtime MBTA bus arrival times using the ESP8266 wifi module and a LCD. Seemed doable. People of the internet have been excited about the ESP8266 lately. Here is a snapshot of google trends for searches for esp8266 vs couple of other arduino favorite processors. That's the rough plan. I run the atmega32u4 and the LCD at 5V. The ESP8266 I power at 3.3V ...

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Leonardo Arduino clone a single-sided PCB using ATmega32U4

DESCRIPTION This project is to make a clone of Arduino Leonardo in a simple way.That is why the distribution of the pin does not match the standard Arduino (have to make many jumpers on the motherboard or use both sides). However, most Arduino Leonardo characteristics are maintained. The circuit is protected by an automatic reset fuse (PTC) of 500 mA to prevent neglect we load up a USB port. The food select ...

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Hack a Toaster Oven for Reflow Soldering using ATmega32 microcontroller

As I get more serious into my electronics hobby, I need to work with more SMD components. Some component packages are very difficult or impossible to solder with a traditional soldering iron. To solve this problem, I decided to hack a toaster oven to become a reflow soldering oven. Basically, to perform reflow soldering, solder paste is placed on a printed circuit board, and the components to be soldered is ...

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