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TinyRealTime, Small Real Time Kernel for AVR using atmega644 microcontroller

Real-time kernel (RTK) is useful to run several task or protocol on one CPU. Since only one task at a time can be executed by MCU, RTK used to make each task think it owns the whole machine. RTK will handle which task has to be saved while other tasks execute. TinyRealTimeis a very small and fairly fast real-time kernel for the atmega644 written by Dan Henriksson and Anton Cervin.This kernel has several cha ...

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Ultrasonic Security System using Atmega644 microcontroller

This portable security system is built based on Atmega644 microcontroller. It can detect intruders based on their physical presence. The system uses URM37v3.2 ultrasonic sensor which is connected to MCU through rs232 serial communication. To rotate sensor for wide coverage range, the system is equipped with Parallax servomotor. For user interface, there are LCD and keypad wired to PORTC and PORTA of MCU. Ho ...

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Music Playing Alarm Clock using ATmega644 microcontroller

This Instructable will be about designing a music player from using various building blocks. You will understand the communication between the microcontroller, memory, computer, LCD display, RTC, IR remote, and the music file decoder. I will try my best to to teach you in a way so that you can design your own projects using the skills you learn, without blindly following instructions. I know most of you wil ...

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Turn Your Arduino Into an ISP

Learn how to turn your Arduino into an AVR In System Programmer. This will allow you to burn bootloaders onto new chips or program AVRs without a bootloader. Step 1: Materials To begin you will need: * Arduino (I will be using the Uno) * AVR Microcontroller (This tutorial will cover the ATtiny85 & ATmega644) * Arduino IDE * Breadboard * Jumpers Step 2: Setup Before we begin programming chips we must set ...

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Build the Penguin game system using ATMega32/644 microcontroller

Gotta love microcontrollers.They do lots of stuff ... you can find them in computer mice , traffic lights , toys , and almost all electronic devices nowadays. Well , this is a project that pushes an 8-bit ATMega32 microcontroller to the limits. As you guessed from the title , it is a game system. Here are some of the specifications : *27MHz overclocked (from 16MHz) AVR ATmega32 microcontroller , with 32KB f ...

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Portal “Still Alive” on AVR microcontrollers

Yet another Portal-related instructable , but Different ! This one shows you how to :   1)Build a very cheap device that plays an 8-bit version of Still Alive from Portal 2)On the same hardware , but with a different chip , play the "radio tune" Here are both projects , in the same video (I hope the video quality does not affect how this entry is rated.I filmed it with a phone camera) :  Step 1: Parts List ...

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