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Build a Complete AVR System and Play Mastermind Using Microcontrollers

The game Mastermind has been around a long time, and I remember getting a board version with colored pegs when I was a kid. I love this game, as it is solvable simply by pure logic. One player (or a computer/microcontroller) chooses a sequence of colors from a pool of available colors and then the other player attempts to figure out what that sequence is. This is the AVR version of that famous logic game Ma ...

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Starry Ceiling for Kids Bedroom Using AT90S8538 microcontroller

When my little girl was born I wanted to make her a special night light for in her room. I made her a ceiling light with twinkling stars. It is made up of a piece of custom wood with 100 LEDs mounted in it. An AVR AT90S8538 micro controller runs a bascom program that produces a random pattern on these 100 LEDs. The LEDs are connected in a 8x13 matrix and the processor scans this matrix so that only 1 light ...

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