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Cheap CO2 meter using the MQ135 sensor with AVR ATmega

MQ135 is an Air Quality Sensor suitable for detecting of NH3, Alcohol, Benzene and other gases. The description below, is what i derive from the poor datasheet of this sensor, it may be uncorrect, so if you have suggestions please leave me a feedback. The "sensitivity characteristics of the MQ-135" figure of the datasheet, you can see it below, it is used to convert the output of the sensor to the related p ...

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CO2 meter and Xively logger with NDIR infrared sensor built on AVR ATmega328

This is an AVR ATmega328 based CO2, temperature and humidity logger and meter. It logs data feed, CO2 in air in terms of ppm, temperature and humidity to a feed. It also display realtime data to user through a 16x2 characters LCD. This logger it is based on the xively logger you can found here: User can setup the ...

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